GRIND GR1ST custom gravel bikes

At GRIND, our bikes are born from a commitment to customization and a deep understanding of a rider's needs.

Hand-built in Poland, each bicycle is a testament to our belief that every ride should be a personal experience. Created by riders, for riders, we're here to address and improve upon the aspects of the cycling industry that matter most to us. Our mission is clear: to ensure every GRIND is as unique as the individual riding it.

GRIND GR1ST gravel frameset custom painted

Simplicity in Motion

We emphasize minimalism and simplicity in both design and function. Our bikes feature clean lines and essential elements, avoiding unnecessary complexity. This focus on visual clarity and straightforward design ensures each bike is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to use and maintain.

GRIND custom gravel bikes hand built in poland custom painted

Founded on Passion

GRIND began in 2023, born from Krystian Wagner's love for cycling and custom bike building. His aim was simple: turn this passion into a brand that focuses on quality, uniqueness, and the rider's experience. That's how GRIND came to life, merging enthusiasm with expertise to create something truly special for cyclists everywhere.