Gearing Guide

Selecting the right gearing for your gravel bike is essential for optimizing performance across a variety of terrains and riding conditions. Here's a detailed look at three popular setups from Sram, highlighting their unique benefits and ideal use scenarios. 





The Eagle gearing setup features a wide-range cassette (10-50 or 10-52) combined with a single front chainring (often 38-42T). This setup shines in scenarios where challenging climbs and heavy loads are common, such as bikepacking trips or mountainous gravel races. The wide gear range allows for comfortable pedaling up steep inclines, while a larger chainring option, like 46T, can cater to riders looking for speed in competitive gravel races, providing a blend of climbing prowess and flat-terrain speed.

XPLR gears are crafted for versatility, equipped with a 10-44 cassette that offers a balanced range suitable for a mix of terrain types. This setup is particularly advantageous for riders who encounter diverse conditions, such as rolling hills followed by technical descents. The XPLR's cassette ensures you have closely spaced gears for maintaining speed on flat sections and adequate range for climbing without drastic jumps between gear shifts, making it ideal for riders who enjoy long, exploratory rides across varying landscapes.

The 2x setup, with its dual chainrings (46-33 or 43-30) and a 10-36 or 10-33 cassette, provides the widest gear range. This configuration is perfect for riders who demand flexibility for all terrains, from steep climbs to fast descents and long flats. It's the go-to choice for cyclists seeking a "do-it-all" bike that can comfortably navigate the demands of mixed-terrain adventures, competitive events, or leisurely group rides. The 2x system ensures that you're well-equipped for both the high-speed chase of a group ride and the grueling ascent of a mountain pass.


Each of these setups has been designed with specific riding experiences in mind, ensuring that whether you're loading up for a multi-day adventure, racing on gravel, or enjoying a weekend ride with friends, there's a gearing option tailored to your needs.